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59,90€ /month

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An efficient website AND a controlled budget

Don't sacrifice quality over price anymore !

All of our websites are delivered ready to be used

No hidden fees !

Thanks to an individual interview and our team of graphic artists & editors, your website will be fully optimized and designed at your convenience.

Tell us what you wish for your website, and we will do our very best to make it happen !

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Your website starting from 59.90€ / month
No matter what your budget is, your website will be delivered ready to be used !

We create unique designs

The graphic design of your website is the very first thing your client will notice

Every creation must be unique

Your website is the reflection of your brand image, so it is bound to be perfect.

This is why every single one of our websites is realized by passionate teamworkers who love their jobs and know exactly what they are doing.

The result being ? A 100% customized design, for a beautiful and creative website.

Our graphic artist's word
I always approach a new project with same spirit : Singularity, efficiency and satisfaction for my client.

@Camille, Graphic artist COBWE

Creation steps of a website
(Creation steps of a website)

Visible on small screens and mobile devices

All of our websites are made with responsive design in mind.

Responsive design is the art of making the content of your pages always perfectly adapted to any screen size. This allows your website to be navigated comfortably on any computer as well as any smartphone or tablet.

Nowadays, you got a chance out of two that your website is seen on a mobile device. So without responsive design, your website is only half as useful as it should be.

@Manu, Web Developer COBWE

No matter the screen size your visitors will be using, your website will look amazing !

A powerful modification hub

All our websites are of course delivered entirely functionnal (See details of our offers), but they also come with their very own comprehensive dashboard, allowing you to operate changes by yourself if you wish so.

The dashboard is pretty easy to use... and in case you are lost, don't worry, we stay right by your side to give you a hand should you ever need it.

It is sometimes faster to do easy modifications by myself, and if I'm wrong, I call COBWE immmediatly !

A COBWE customer, restaurant owner.

An easy-to-use dashboard is part of any of our packs.

Find new customers

At COBWE we create websites that are conceived and oriented to have a good visibility on search engines.

Pages are optimized on keywords, et our responsive forms give you the insurance of reaching a large target. Well exploited, your website becomes a powerful commercial tool and constitutes a good investment.

My website gives me quite a nice visiblity, a good investment.

A COBWE customer, business owner

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